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It’s 2018 and it’s time to start thinking about your resolutions for the year. Although many commit to picking up a new hobby or working on their fitness, have you considered resolving to become a better employee?

No matter your industry, making the effort to improve yourself as an employee can help make you an indispensable part of your company. To help you stick to your resolution, I have put together a list of practical things you can work on and skills you should improve to become a powerhouse of an employee in 2018.

  1. Improve your time management skills – Did you know that only 64% of projects actually meet their deadline goals? Learning how to set a deadline and get the work done to meet said deadline can help you become an indispensable employee. A great software tool to help you and your team manage their time is Time Doctor. It’s an employee time tracking software that helps you and your team get a lot more done each day.
  2. Become a more confident presenter and communicator – A superior product or service is not enough to guarantee business success. Leaders and employees must be able to present on behalf of their company with confidence and clarity to both small and large groups of investors, partners, clients, other staff members, and even the public. Communispond offers Executive Presentation Skills® training to help individuals learn how to develop, refine, and deliver powerful presentations to any group. The best employees are also able to confidently and effectively communicate with fellow employees. Those who need to improve in this area should consider our Booher Communicate With Confidence®: Essentials of Interpersonal Skills training course.
  3. Make meetings more productive – Instead of wasting everyone’s time in unproductive meetings, learn how to handle them in a more productive way. In our Booher Meetings (Leading and Participating Productively)™ course, participants learn how to identify the roles of a leader, understand group dynamics, and determine the most effective methods of exchanging information in a meeting. Being able to both effectively and productively lead and participate in meetings will make you an invaluable resource. Take a look at one of Time Doctor’s blog posts where they give 31 tips on how to run engaging meetings. You can read their blog post here.
  4. Become more persuasive and influential – Leaders, sales professionals, and any other employees who must gain agreement from others in order to achieve their goals must be persuasive and influential. The most powerfully persuasive employees are masters of influencing others by understanding other’s point of view and then leveraging their own. While some are naturals at this, others need a bit of training to truly become masters. Our Persuasive Dialogue™ course is designed to help participants master the art of persuasion.
  5. Write as efficiently as possible – In today’s busy business world, no one has time to read or write a hefty think-piece for every email or piece of written communication. Influential and powerful employees must be able to produce clear and concise documents that save the reader time and also do not take up too much time to write. The best way to become a more efficient writer is by changing the thinking process behind your writing – and you can learn how to achieve this in our Booher Strategic Writing® program.
  6. Request feedback – Even if your company does not participate in regular performance reviews, make it clear to the company managers and leaders that you would like regular and frequent feedback. This will not only help you improve in areas where you may be lacking, but can also boost your overall job satisfaction and show your managers that you are dedicated to your job.

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