“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”┬áJack London, US adventurer, author, & sailor (1876 – 1916)

Let’s face it, when planning a presentation, the hardest part is waiting for inspiration. Unfortunately, we can’t all wait for the brilliant idea or we’d be staring at a blank sheet of paper all day. Here are some tips to draw inspiration out of its hiding place:

  • Try starting with your point. Say to your audience, “When I’m finished today, I’d like you to…” and tell them why.
  • Don’t open PowerPoint until you know what you’re going to say. That first blank slide is just depressing.
  • Doodle and Mind-Map. This is a great way to “brainstorm” by yourself.

Inspiration is hard to come by, but it can be tracked down with a little work.

Happy hunting!


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