Man attending virtual meeting Effective virtual meetings are well organized. Because it’s hard to stay focused and engaged, the importance of a well planned virtual meeting is even more important than for an in-person, or co-located, meeting.

Here are 3 tips on how to plan a well organized virtual meeting…


As the leader, you must identify the purpose of the meeting and what outcomes are expected.

The best way to do this is with a clear agenda, which you circulate well ahead of the meeting. Make sure you’re clear about the logistics of the meeting (date, time, length, names of attendees, etc.) and any prep work you want people to do.

Start with the items that require input and participation from your attendees.

  Get people while they’re fresh, focused, and motivated. Too much administrative jargon at the beginning may cause people to disengage.

Plan time for participant interaction.

  Ask for input from each participant or encourage everyone to ask questions. Your agenda should indicate the topics that will be interactive, so people know they’re expected to participate. And, make sure everyone knows how to use the tools of the platform, such as raising a hand, whiteboarding, etc., so they can take part effectively.

What to learn more?

Virtual Meeting Skills™ Program

Virtual Meeting Skills™ is divided into two, 90-minute sessions. Participants are given a short break during each session and a longer break between sessions. This program assumes that participants are familiar with their employer’s web platform. It can be delivered on any virtual platform (such as WebEx, Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, Connect, or Zoom). Class is capped at 12 students with one instructor.


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