Communispond’s Supervisory Essentials™ is a series of interrelated workshops that provides the knowledge, tools, and skills to immediately establish a leadership role and helps participants understand how to avoid the typical traps presented to new supervisors and managers.

Each workshop wraps up with a “key learning/action planning” discussion and a job aid to help transfer effectiveness back on the job. The goal is to ensure immediate success and allow new managers to quickly establish their leadership role and eliminate the typical start-up challenges.


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Define Yourself or Others Will!

(2 hours) This first workshop provides a framework for starting out in a new supervisory or management position. Learning how to balance the competing interests of people and departments/workgroups requires managers to have a command of facts and information to make effective decisions and take appropriate action. Beginning with caution at first is critical in making the right impression. It is actions, not your words, that count most. Through actions, a new manager’s attitude “speaks” so loudly it trumps and overpowers anything one says.