Persuasive Dialogue™ helps individuals master what a truly persuasive person seems to do naturally – influence others by understanding and leveraging their point of view.

Leaders, sales professionals, and anyone else who must gain agreement from others in order to achieve business goals.

Drawing content from their own jobs, individuals master a process for guiding productive dialogue and gaining commitment from others. Frequent practice with video recording, analysis, peer feedback, and expert coaching helps to dramatically improve key persuasive skills, including:

  • Positioning a topic.
  • Active listening.
  • Establishing mutual goals.
  • Presenting ideas.
  • Bridging disagreement.

  • Increased ability to move initiatives and projects forward.
  • Solutions that work for everyone involved.
  • Less resistance to organizational change.
  • Quicker agreements between salespeople and their clients.
  • Improved intra- and inter-departmental collaboration.
  • Problem-resolution among diverse groups to reduce ill feelings and promote productivity.
  • A shared approach to productive dialogue that supports accurate communication and reduces meeting and discussion time.

This program may be delivered at your site by our instructor or at your site by your certified instructor.