EPS Anywhere is the same course as Executive Presentation Skills®, except just held virtually from the comfort of your home or office.

EPS Anywhere helps individuals develop, refine, and deliver powerful presentations to groups of any size.

Anyone who must present in a business setting.

  • Storytelling Method: Participants will learn a proven method for incorporating stories into their presentations and apply it to their own presentation in class.
  • Eye-Brain Control®Our 'program within a program' focuses on the ncessary skills and techniques essential to control nervousness. It is part of many of our core programs and can be taught as a stand-alone program on request.
  • More Activities: We’ve added more participant activities resulting in less watching and more doing.
  • Presenting in Multiple Environments: This program teaches participants how to present while seated or standing and how to communicate to a large or small group, or even in a one-on-one briefing.
  • Working with the Latest Technology: Participants will learn how to present with a tablet and use today’s technology for presentations.
  • Tools to Learn Outside of Class: Participants gain lifetime access to Communispond Digital, our custom online learning platform. Communispond Digital provides participants with on-the-go access to course materials, video tutorials, and so much more.
  • Executive Briefings: Participants learn how to adapt their message delivery to 90 seconds or less while still communicating powerfully.

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  • Focused, engaging presentations that promote business results.
  • A surge of confidence as associates apply their organizational and presenting skills – and the wider business impact of that confidence.
  • A consistent presentation approach that clarifies messages inside the organization and for customers.
  • Increased individual impact that brings strategic and practical benefits for the business.
  • Improved morale and reduced turnover as associates apply new skills and achieve new standing in the organization.