Program Overview

When called upon to make a presentation at work, in the community, or in a professional organization, people often find it difficult to get their arms around the task. And often the body language and presentation delivery style undermine a speaker’s credibility. This 8-hour presentation skills course will provide platform tips to help people “be themselves” in front of a group, in a sales meeting of two, a team meeting of twelve, or a civic meeting of 200. During the presentation skills training workshop, participants will deliver work-related presentations and receive feedback from video, peers, and instructor.

Key Objectives
  • Use comfortable, natural gestures to underscore key points
  • Use movement and space to build rapport with the audience
  • Vary pace, volume, pitch, and emphasis to increase retention
  • Add silences and pauses for impact
  • Increase credibility with an audience by using a confident delivery style
  • Overcome nervousness
Who Should Attend

Anyone who makes presentations to supervisors, colleagues, or customers.

Class Size

Up to 10 participants


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