Program Overview

This intensive 16-hour presentation skills training course includes nine presentations and provides practice and feedback from peers, instructors, and video. Booher’s presentation skills training focuses on instruction and practice in organization, presentation structure, delivery skills, visual design and use, and question-and-answer techniques. Participants will receive personalized, confidential presentation feedback from the instructor and will develop a presentation self-improvement action plan. Customized exercises give training participants first-hand experience in one-on-one, small-group, impromptu, and sit-down presentation situations.

Key Objectives
  • Organize presentation ideas and information for highest impact
  • Develop a dynamic delivery style to engage listeners
  • Think on your feet to respond to questions clearly, concisely, and credibly
  • Add “the finishing touches” (attention-grabbing openings, closes, stories, metaphors, illustrations)
  • Design and use visuals effectively
  • Reduce preparation time
  • Increase rapport and persuasiveness with listeners
Who Should Attend

Anyone who makes presentations to supervisors, colleagues, or customers. Course also focuses on oral communications skills, as well as overall effective communications skills.

Class Size

Up to 10 participants


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