About ProSpeak®

The ProSpeak® application provides users with instant feedback on presentation and communication skills. The application has four main components: a Vocal Coach, an Energy Coach, a Visual Coach and slides with key presentation tips.

Vocal Coach

The Vocal Coach feature of the application provides users with instant feedback on vocal energy. All too often, when people rehearse a presentation, they will speak through it quietly or mumble it under their breath. It’s not until they get to the day of the live presentation, that they are technically practicing projecting it for the first time. When using the Vocal Coach feature, the user is instructed to place their phone a few feet in front of them and tap ‘Start’. As they practice their presentation, the Vocal Coach will flash green if their volume level and inflection are good, blue if they’re volume/inflection is too low/weak, and red if they’re volume/inflection is too loud/strong.

Energy Coach

The Energy Coach feature of the application provides users with instant feedback on presentation energy. By holding the phone in their hand while presenting, the application will indicate to the user if they are using too much, too little, or just the right amount if movement and energy during their presentation. 

Visual Coach

The Visual Coach feature of the application provides users with images of silhouettes of how not to stand when delivering their presentations. The user finds the image that most closely resembles their stance, selects the image, and then presses and holds the silhouette to display the proper stance.

Instructional Slides

The application also contains over 15 slides of tips on how to prepare presentations, deliver them with impact, and how to properly present them when using visuals. Learn about proper eye contact with Eye-Brain Control™ and the importance of projecting strong physical & vocal energy. The tips featured in the slides have been pulled from Communispond’s world-renowned program, Executive Presentation Skills®.

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“Great mini refresher! I took Communispond's Executive Presentation Skills program last year. Great program BTW. The app is an excellent reminder of the things that I learned in the classroom and also useful for practicing.”
Anonymous | In App Review | ProSpeak for Apple Devices