Executive Presentation Skills® – Level 2 enhances existing skills, adds new skills, and applies them to additional high-stakes situations in a complex business world.

Alumni of Executive Presentation Skills®

In Executive Presentation Skills®, presenters mastered the critical skills covering confident bearing, gesture, and voice. In Level 2, they polish those existing skills and master additional advanced skills from a choice of the following: leading discussions, handling challenging people, maximizing the value of handouts, and presenting as a team. They use video to analyze their performance, feedback from peers to recognize how others see them, and instructor coaching to fine tune their delivery.

  • Associates who apply expanded presentation skills, rising to additional high-stakes situations.

  • Increased presentation flexibility and flair that promote success under the most stressful conditions.

  • Increased organizational payoff from the original investment in professional presentations.

  • Organizational representatives who stay on message in all situations.

  • Increased associate confidence and morale.

  • Clearer, more reliable information delivered to top leadership.

  • Increased commitment as associates earn recognition for clarity and aplomb.

  • Improved effectiveness when presenting with tablets.

This program may be delivered at your site by our instructor or at your site by your certified instructor.