Every experienced salesperson knows that a sale depends as much on the presentation as on the proposal. Personal credibility and grace under pressure speak volumes about the organization’s ability to deliver on its promise.

Sales Presentation Skills™ helps individuals develop, refine, and deliver presentations that win sales.

Program Overview

Working on a key future presentation, individuals analyze their audience, consider client variables, develop visuals, work with handouts, repeatedly rehearse, observe themselves on video, and receive useful advice from peers and individual coaching from the instructor. Individuals leave the workshop with dramatically improved skills and an actual presentation, including needed support materials.


All salespeople and their managers.

Business Outcomes
  • Increased sales productivity.

  • Higher close rates.

  • Strong positive client impressions during bake-offs with competitors.

  • Improved internal presentations in your organization.

  • Improved reputation in your markets for confident, charismatic salespeople.

  • Reduced misunderstandings, buyer’s remorse, cancellations, and "make-good" costs.

  • Improved effectiveness when presenting with tablets.

Delivery Method

This program may be delivered at your site by our instructor or at your site by your certified instructor.

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