Executive Presentation Skills® helps individuals develop, refine, and deliver powerful presentations to groups of any size.

  • Storytelling Method: Participants will learn a proven method for incorporating stories into their presentations and apply it to their own presentation in class.
  • Eye-Brain Control®: Our 'program within a program' focuses on the ncessary skills and techniques essential to control nervousness. It is part of many of our core programs and can be taught as a stand-alone program on request.
  • More Activities: We’ve added more participant activities resulting in less watching and more doing.
  • Presenting in Multiple Environments: This program teaches participants how to present while seated or standing and how to communicate to a large or small group, or even in a one-on-one briefing.
  • Working with the Latest Technology: Participants will learn how to present with a tablet and use today’s technology for presentations.
  • Tools to Learn Outside of Class: Participants gain lifetime access to Communispond Digital, our custom online learning platform. Communispond Digital provides participants with on-the-go access to course materials, video tutorials, and so much more.
  • Executive Briefings: Participants learn how to adapt their message delivery to 90 seconds or less while still communicating powerfully.
  • Focused, engaging presentations that promote business results.
  • A surge of confidence as associates apply their organizational and presenting skills – and the wider business impact of that confidence.
  • A consistent presentation approach that clarifies messages inside the organization and for customers.
  • Increased individual impact that brings strategic and practical benefits for the business.
  • Improved morale and reduced turnover as associates apply new skills and achieve new standing in the organization.
  • At your site by our instructor
  • At your site by your certified instructor
  • Virtually with a live instructor (EPS Anywhere)
  • At a public seminar held around the world. For a full listing of cities where you can attend an EPS public seminar, click HERE.
“Very effective instructors. I plan to use Eye-Brain Control® in presentations from this point forward.”
Anonymous | Graduate | Executive Presentation Skills
“Very useful material and feedback. I liked having the opportunity to practice and receive instant coaching.”
Anonymous | Graduate | Executive Presentation Skills

Executive Presentation Skills® is also held virtually, which means you can attend from the comfort of your own home or office and skip the travel costs!

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