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Sales Performance Solutions

Socratic Selling Skills®


All salespeople and their managers.


Through talent, training, or both, every sales star knows how to uncover and satisfy customer needs. Socratic Selling Skills® updates and applies universally proven dialogue techniques to effectively maximize sales productivity.

Salespeople learn to ask the right questions of customers and leverage the answers to sell with power and flair. Working on their own sales accounts, learners apply new ways to plan high-potential sales calls, initiate dialogue, uncover needs, handle objections, remove barriers, and close the sale by solidifying customer relationships. Frequent video-recorded rehearsals allow peers and the instructor to offer supportive advice as sales skills are refined.


  • Greater ease in all sales interactions.
  • Increased close rates.
  • Deeper customer relationships that insulate against economic downturns, competition, and personnel changes.
  • Reduced cost of selling.
  • Improved sales force morale.
  • Reduced costs for turnover and recruiting.


This program may be delivered at your site by our instructor or at your site by your certified instructor.


This program incorporates proven ways to transfer knowledge and skills to the workplace. Enhanced reinforcement tools and processes are also available.