• Jan 22
    In the race for a new job, it may be communication skills that set you apart from the rest of the pack. 2016 has officially arrived along with two welcome events for our long-suffering economy: ongoing strength in the labor market and continued expansion of the GDP. Let's resume our information technology career checkup, so you'll prosper like never before. The rest of my series aims to accomplish two things. ...
  • Dec 22
    With the holiday season and strains of Auld Lang Syne approaching, it is a great time to review and recharge your career's progress. Over the next few installments of this blog, we'll explore some underappreciated career do's and don'ts and how to stay ahead of the competition. January kicks off one of the year's busiest hiring sessions, and recruiters everywhere are making their lists and checking them twice deciding to ...
  • Dec 01
    Read the full article here > The horrific assaults on civilians in Paris November 13th allegedly carried out by Muslim extremists immediately called on Republican leaders and presidential primary candidates to remind supporters of what the party believes is its unassailable and unmatched commitment to national security. As each candidate works to position him or herself as the best choice for this task and the GOP braces for the 2016 ...
  • Sep 16
    New instant communications tools have made us much more productive, but have you considered their potential pitfalls? The bulk of today's job-related dialogue, thanks to the revolution IT started, happens between people with multiple tasks and deadlines who aren't face to face or even talking on the phone. In our hyper-connected, handheld-device-dominated world, a number of unavoidable truths affecting our personal and work-based relationships have emerged or taken on a ...
  • Aug 18
    An employee continually shares tweets during the workday that don’t paint our company in the best light. He also uses profanity in his tweets regularly. But he doesn’t indicate where he works in his Twitter bio. And the profanity and perspectives he shares are part of the “personal brand” he portrays online. From an HR perspective, what are my options? —Uncharted Waters, corporate communications director, financial services _______________________ Dear Uncharted ...
  • Jun 01
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